Ben Reid's Studio

I love seeing print studios so I thought I'd share this with you -
it is an online article from Avenues magazine
including this snippet about Ben Reid's artist studio: 

"I like it; it's a real reflection of me"
says Christchurch printmaker Ben Reid of his Sumner studio/garage. 
Between helping to look after his baby daughter, Isabella, 
Ben works downstairs on his meticulously crafted dry-point etchings. 

After graduating in 2005 from the CPIT School of Art and Design, 
Ben has produced art reflecting his passion for the great outdoors. 
He recently took a 55-hour boat ride in rough sub-Antarctic seas to Campbell Island, 
and the wildlife he encountered will be the subject of a new body of prints. 

"I would always draw and paint, but when I came across printmaking, 
there was virtually no turning back. 
It doesn't matter how much printmaking you do, the joy of it never goes away."