Mezzotint Group Show, Wellington

A group exhibition of mezzotints, called Rock Yourself Out!
is opening at Solander Gallery in Wellington
next Wednesday 15 June at 5.30pm, and will be shown until 23 July 2011.
This exhibition features six printmaking artists
specializing in the technically demanding medium of mezzotint printmaking:
Chris Adams, Stuart Duffin (UK), Kathryn Madill, Alex Milsom,
Graeme Peebles (Australia) and Fleur Williams.

Kathryn Madill
Mezzotint Etching, 18x17cm.

Graeme Peebles, The Night Dancer
Mezzotint Etching, 26x34cm

Each artist, in their own way, exploits the rich tonal range available through this medium
to create works of immense beauty and sensitivity.
I have always been intrigued by mezzotints;
I admire how much work goes into the plate before the image emerges.
Subtly different from an image that has had aquatint tone added,
 I especially enjoy their velvety texture.
What do you think - are mezzotints worth the effort???