Sheyne Tuffery exhibition: The Ancient Mariners

Sheyne Tuffery’s latest exhibition The Ancient Mariners is on now
at Papakura Art Gallery from 14 May to 11 June
in congunction with the Pacific Arts Summit 2011.

It is a response to recently becoming a Matai (Samoan chief).
He said being given the title made him look at Polynesian history afresh,
particularly the “incredible sea-faring of our Ancestors”.

“Being an artist, my imagination began visualising
(like a trailer of new movie) images of that time.
My new work is an artist’s depiction of Island life
when the Polynesians were searching of new lands to start new cultures
2000 years before the first missionaries began to even think about coming down here.”

Based in Petone, Sheyne Tuffery is a multi-media visual artist
who works primarily in mixed media, painting, moving image and printmaking.
He is perhaps best known for the dynamic style of his prints and woodcuts,
who uses his work to create and represent his own cultural context and sense of belonging.