Posting Images on the Internet

I was talking to someone recently about the use of 'found images',
and about artists' concerns over copyright issues.

As an artist (and/or blogger), you need to be careful...
both in how you upload images (and the risks of others using them without permission)
and referencing correctly when you research or appropriate ideas by other artists.

I was sent the link to this visual diagram of some things you should consider
before posting an image on the internet:

This poster also suggests using a programme called EverNote,
compatible with Windows, it can be downloaded for FREE,
and you can add photo credits and the source website if you download an image.

If you have an image and don't know where it is from
try using a 'reverse image search' such as TinEye to find it's origin.

Refer to the website for Copyright Council of NZ
to find out more about our copyright laws & responsibilities.