Printmaking Books

Yesterday I visited the library to look at printmaking books.
I found a bunch of old & new ones I hadn't read before.
Some look useful for instruction, some with interesting pictures,
some good for a quick browse of techniques or artists or styles.

It got me thinking... Perhaps you have a favourite print book?
One you love or 'can't live without'? One you've just discovered?
One that you'd recommend to other NZ printmakers?

Now, I'm guessing you aren't going to tell me what you are reading
unless I start the discussion with the 3 books I'm reading this week, so here they are:

It has a section of 7 pages of different examples of 'cuts' for creating tone in woodcuts
(eg parallel lines, cross-hatch, needle-shaped, cloud, chasing dots, string, rain, wavy etc)
which will be a great teaching resource for my students.

It's always hard to find books with good illustrations of collagraph & monoprint.
This has some good examples in a range of styles 
including landscapes, abstract, painterly prints, and drawings using line and texture.

Example of how simple hand-cut stencils can be used to create quick and interesting art.

If you are interested, perhaps see if you can get them through your library.
Post a comment below so we can all hear about your favourites,
or what print-related books you are reading at the moment.