Jane Barry

I really enjoy learning about more NZ printmakers whose work I really like.
This week  I came across Jane Barry's work 
and thought I'd post it here for you to enjoy as well.

Jane Barry is a Christchurch artist who's influence and inspiration
comes a lot from the peninsula, and coastal landscapes and seascapes,
and the emotional feelings these places incite.

Her 2006-7 series called Shag Rock, were influenced by, and dedicated to,
her daughter who died at birth, and whose ashes are scattered there.
Jane Barry, Shag Rock Abstract 2, 2007

Her 2009 exhibition called Keeping Sight Of The Shore
dedicated to her son Isaac, who arrived safely at the end of 2007,
and was also based around aspects of the beach and peninsula.
They in this show were predominantly engravings;
 some appear more calm, windless and ethereal
 others appear quite squally, dark and haphazard.

Jane Barry, Lament, 2009
Monoprint, 75x95cm

Her new print work, a series called New Black,
were scheduled to be on display now at CoCA in Christchurch
however the gallery suffered damage in the earthquake and has not re-opened.
The artist statement online says her images
"are not derivative of definite idea or specific theme.
 [...] they are more subliminal, instinctive,
and are the consequence of paper, ink, press and invention".

Jane Barry, Undercurrent, 2010
Monoprint, drypoint, chine collé and mixed media

Even though the CoCA Gallery is not currently open,
these new works can be seen here on the CoCA website.

For more about Jane Barry (and her artworks) click here to see her website.