Brad Novak's New Work For Christchurch Appeal

Auckland-based doctor and Pop artist Brad Novak has teamed up with others
 to create a limited edition screenprint of the Christchurch Cathedral
as a fundraiser with 100% of the profits to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

Brad Novak, Hope For Canterbury (after Warhol), 2011

Art lovers have an opportunity to help those affected by the earthquake through purchasing a piece of art.
  Brad Novak says, “This is a practical way art lovers can support the relief efforts in Canterbury,
100% of the profits are being donated to the cause.”

The work is entitled Hope for Canterbury and features the Christchurch Cathedral
in a graphic style inspired by renowned artist Andy Warhol.
Novak hopes it expresses something of the inspiring kiwi spirit.

For more information or to purchase an artwork, visit
Please spread the word to help people in Canterbury!