Marci Tackett

I was just browsing Marci Tackett's website
and thought the new cellular series she exhibited in December was interesting.
I particularly like the monotypes which look quite spontaneous and intuitive.

Marci Tackett, Monotype 1

Marci studied fine art in the United States in the 1990s and moved to Wellington in 2006.
Her practice includes printmaking, painting,encaustic and a range of dry media.
She teaches printmaking at The Learning Connexion School of Art and Creativity
and runs Snapshot – a studio and periodic gallery space in Island Bay, Wellington.
Click on this link to see more of her images.

Monotypes are quite a fun way to 'draw' in printmaking, quick and easy.
Perhaps a good way to get started for the year?


Anonymous said…
I Adore this !!!