Etching Press for Sale

I sometimes get people asking me if I know of any second-hand etching presses for sale,
and I just heard of one, so thought I'd let you all know...

Press Bed Size: 120x60cm
The press was built in 2005. It is in very good condition.
It has been used by two experienced printmakers, hasn’t had a lot of use at all.
The press includes felt mats: two large and two small and a piece for solvent transfers.

There is also a large water & dust resistant cover that will come with it.
The press is located in Christchurch, and has just been re-serviced.
It is heavy (about 300kg), so a freight company would need lifting equipment to pick it up.
They would like $6000, but that is negotiable.

For all the specific measurements and contact details are here.


nina salm said…
Is this a recent post? Is the press still available for sale, please?
NZ Printmakers said…
Hi Nina,
This was posted in December 2010. I don't have an update as to if it is still for sale. I suggest you could click on the link where it says 'here', and use those contact details to make enquiries directly.
Alternatively, you could email me and tell me what you are looking for and we can see if any of the readers can help?!
Anonymous said…
Hello, I'm looking for a second hand printmaking press preferably in the South Island.....It seems really hard to find one in NZ, if anyone can help me I would be very grateful! My email is Thanks Kylee