1866's Guide to Etching

I just read a very interesting link from Project Gutenburg (via CPCANZ).
It is a technical handbook called A Treatise on Etching
for all things to do with making and printing etchings, first written in 1866, by Maxime Lalanne.

An example from the eBook, explaining flat biting and stop-out

This 2nd edition, updated in 1880, was translated from French.
There are several e-book versions available on their website,
if you just want to browse then here is the link to view it on the internet:

It is amazing how little it has changed since 1800s, this guide is remarkably thorough.
I even learned a few extra valuable hints, such as how to deal with 'accidents'.
If you love etching then check it out. 

I especially enjoyed the translator's notes at the end,
they remind me of the notes I write to myself in the margins of my workbooks and visual diaries.