Navigating Worlds, Prue MacDougall, 24 May–30 June 2019

Prue MacDougall's new exhibition, 'Navigating Worlds'
will be at Pātaka’s Toi Galley, in Porirua, from 24 May to 30 June 2019.

Globe-trotting New Zealand printmaker Prue MacDougall is a visual story teller. 
Each work in Navigating Worlds is part of a series of narratives, 
playing around with concepts and eclectic mixes of images to express an idea or emotion.

For her third exhibition in Pātaka’s Toi Galley, MacDougall has created a series 
that explore the European heritage of most New Zealanders. 
Using her recently uncovered maternal family tree, she presents themes of journeying, 
both physically and chronologically, and the effect these experiences have on our identity.

I've already had a 'sneak peak' of the works, and they are fantastic,
so if you are in the neighbourhood, I encourage you to get along and see it.

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