Artist Profile: Kheang Ov

Kheang Ov was born in Battambang, Cambodia, in 1975,
and came to NZ with his parents and younger brother in 1981 as refugees.
Kheang labels himself as a Cambodian Chinese,
who speaks a mixture of Teochew, Khmer and English.

Kheang's first memory was being in a refugee camp in Mangere, Auckland, at the age of 6.
After a year of induction, they began their new life in Dunedin.
Although Kheang's parents were not accustomed to the food, weather or culture,
they worked incredibly hard to provide for their new future here in New Zealand.

Kheang Ov, Going with the Flow, 2014

Woodcut is Kheang's medium of choice;
the action of cutting and the way marks are produced is unique.
It is expressive, gentle, yet dynamic and personal.
Each cut tells a story with every layer as a partnership to communicate as a visual language.

Kheang Ov, My Lucky Friends, 2013
Reduction woodcut

“My work explores the idea of discovering and re-discovering the familiar and un-familiar. 
My goal is not to unearth specific answers or memories 
but to bring about a journey of co-discovery 
which enhances the integration, of thought, feeling and self-hood.”

Kheang and his wife Nicola are both art teachers in Auckland.
For more information, see their website,


Lynn Taylor said…
Your work continues to be beautiful, intricate and super amazing. I remember your work at Art School, we all looked up to you.