Artist Profile: Susanne Khouri

Susanne Khouri started her art journey with part-time study to a Bachelor of Visual Arts 
where she majored in Printmaking, through MIT and UoA.
She has established her own home studio, she exhibits her printmaking work at least once a year.
Susanne enjoys sharing her skills, teaching screenprinting at Lake House Art Centre.

The techniques she uses most often in her work are aquatint and screenprint. 
The aquatint etching process enables her to create tonal variations 
which can be strong as well as subtle, often on the same plate. 
She then layers colour and imagery by screenprinting photographs or drawings over an aquatint base.

At the end of 2015, Susanne Khouri had an exhibition at Depot Artspace with Celia Walker.
They each made 20 works, which were each 20x20cm. 

Susanne's series came about by serendipity when rolling out some Akua ink on a glass plate.
Instead of flattening out the ink, it created an uneven cloud-like image.
This discovery lifted her spirits, and the light veil of colour influenced the direction the series took.
Creating visual interest, and a slight feeling of the book/movie "The Unbearable Lightness of Being".

Meeting the challenge to make 20 works, she enthusiastically ended up with more than 40.
Some inspiration came from the works of the German photographer, Uta Barthe,
who's dreamlike, ethereal images are taken in and outside of her apartment. 
Susanne is undecided how far to go to go with this idea,
and not end up with nothing much to look at, and welcomes your feedback.

Susanne's new website will be up and running very soon.
Looking forward to see it soon.


Lynn Taylor said…
I think they look beautiful and are a print version of the fabric organza pieces you did as part of a Print Council exhibition. Maybe play with combining the two?