Artist Profile: Prue MacDougall

NZ printmaker Prue MacDougall's addiction to printmaking started at an early age.
She always enjoyed working with paper, collecting stamps, tickets, cigar collars 
and Victorian swops (for scrapbooking), which she would then use to create surreal collages. 
At school, art was her favourite subject, always drawing and making things outside of class time. 

Prue went on to study at the Elam School of Fine Art, University of Auckland.  
She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction in 1985, 
and was awarded the Auckland University Annual Prize of Excellence in Fine Arts. 
After completing her studies, it seemed a natural extension to become an art teacher.
She went onto become Head of Art at Selwyn College in Auckland.

Mostly working in the medium of etching, Prue says creating is a form of meditation: 
it blocks out the world, it helps her express personal thoughts and feelings. 
Through art she is able to tell stories, create illusion and perform magic.

When Prue travels, she love to visit Natural History Museums, like the Horniman Museum (London).
‘Cabinets of curiosities’ or ‘wonder rooms’ house small collections of extraordinary objects. 
Prue’s art practice has always operated like a metaphorical stage
 in which she contrives whimsical tableau to reflect her life experiences and relationships. 
Her compositions echo the haunting imagery of Goya, Rego and, to a lesser extent, Piranesi. 
Prue is inspired by these master printmakers' application of chiaroscuro and theatrical drama.

Prue Mac Dougall, Landing On Your Feet (detail), 2015

In 2015 Prue was one of the coordinators of Thinking of Place
a collaborative venture between Australian and New Zealand based printmakers. 
 Recently shown at Depot Artspace, Auckland,
it is presently on show at KickArts Contemporary Arts in Cairns, 
and then will travel to Post Office Gallery in Ballarat, from 6 April to 21 May.

Prue Mac Dougall, Juno, 2015
Etching and screenprint, 40x29cm

Prue is also part of the Aotearoa SGCI Themed Portfolio collaboration 
which will be taken to the Southern Graphic Council International Conference 
 in Portland, Oregon USA, 30 March – 2 April 2016.
The theme of this portfolio is 'Flux: The Edge of Yesterday and Tomorrow'.
Also at this conference Prue has a 2D and 3D sculptural print in the Trans-Dimensional Exhibition.

Prue is also currently working towards two solo shows in Auckland and Wellington, 
and various selected group exhibitions in 2016.
For more information, or to see more of Prue's work, 
check out her website: