Near Neighbours, 29Oct-26Nov, Wellington

Near Neighbours is an exhibition of printmaking by artists from Australia and New Zealand 
which was shown at the St. Helliers Street Gallery in Melbourne in September
before travelling here to Solander Gallery in Wellington from 29 October to 26 November.

Australian artists: Rona Green, Deborah Klein, Deborah Williams, John Ryrie and Michael Kempson
NZ artists: Jo Ogier, Alexis Neal, Alex Milsom, Catherine Macdonald and John Callaghan

Jo Ogier, Target, 2014
Woodcut on 56x52cm paper, edition of 10

Catherine Macdonald, they got going while the going was good, 2014
Drypoint on 25x36cm paper, edition of 10, 2014

Michael Kempson, Us And Them, 2014
Etching and aquatint on 34x44cm paper, edition of 25

Alexis Neal, Batting for the Same Team, 2014
Lithograph on tea stained paper, edition of 10

John Ryrie, The Game and the Player of Chess II, 2014
Woodcut on 37x37cm paper, edition of 20

Deborah Klein, Hover Fly Winged Woman, 2014
Hand-coloured linocut on 30x21cm paper, edition of 30

Alex Milsom, Safe Guards, 2014
Mezzotint on 21x31cm paper, edition of 10

Deborah Williams, Self aware, 2014
Etching on 21x21cm paper, edition of 20

Rona Green, Curl, 2014
Linocut, watercolour on 23x23cm paper, edition of 33