Recent Arrivals, 9July-16Aug, Wellington

Solander Gallery in Wellington are hosting an exhibition called Recent Arrivals, 
with new artworks by Catherine Macdonald, Margaret Silverwood and Ben Reid
Opening this Saturday 9 July, up to 16 August

Catherine Macdonald, he wasn't one to gamble but he was one to push his luck, 2014
Drypoint etching, 19x27cm

Catherine Macdonald
They say life is a journey, so that being the case, each day we travel a little further on it, 
brushing up against people and places that can change our course for better or worse. 
From these interactions we construct stories of our own or others; 
they can be based on speculation, fact, gossip or manipulated truths. 
There is truth somewhere in these works.

Ben Reid, a rainy day, 2014
intaglio and relief print

Ben Reid
Ben Reid is a Christchurch-based printmaker whose interest in the fragile relationship 
that New Zealanders have with the natural environment and its ecosystems is complex. 
Reid brings together a myriad of references that draw attention to the complexity 
of a relationship with the natural world that has been both exploitative and beneficial to humanity. 
Yet Reid’s images retain a faith in the redemption of this relationship with nature.

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