Why is Printmaking Still Relevant?

Recently on the Printeresting blog there was a post about Printmaking in education.
It got me thinking… a lot of thinking! Both questions and possibilities.

When & how did I first learn about Print? Why did I like it so much?
What is it about printmaking that is unique or interesting?
Is printmaking relevant? Why? What skills does printmaking offer?
If you teach, how has your school / institution wrestled with similar questions? 
What makes printmaking attractive as an area of study?

Honestly I could talk about this for days, 
as I think Print is an exciting, diverse, relevant and progressive medium.
Here's a few of my thoughts (loosely grouped),
but I'd love to hear what you think too!

manual engagement is a beneficial form of learning,
understanding and practising order of steps improves logical thinking, 
demonstrates safe use of materials & equipment,
it requires mastery of tools & techniques, repetition, develops craftsmanship, consistency,
discernment select from diverse range of mediums and applications,
selection of appropriate inks and substrates, 
develops time management skills, physical dexterity, enhance observation skills,
working within constraints/restrictions of the medium, 
practice quantifying materials and costs, respect for equipment and studio rules, 
project planning, creating saleable items to fund further production or education

problem-solving skills, immediacy of application and results (compared to painting/drawing),
ability to make unique prints, multiples and varied editions,
exploration use of colours, layers & transparency, texture, reproduction, uniqueness,
development of recipes for chemicals or colour-matching, testing and refining
physicality of ink and paper (compared to digital output), 
exploring interfaces with other disciplines (painting, books, 3D, installation, photography, 
design, fashion, graphics, culture, science, religion, marketing)

learn correct use of terminology specific to print,
develop skills in following instructions, understanding product info,
participate in discussions about technical issues, discern between styles and mediums,
interact with suppliers and colleagues, learning to work with other studio users, seeking feedback, 
interpretation of imagery, questioning, discussion, reflection of own practice, 
constructing meaning, position of practice, writing artist statements

discover and engage with both historic & contemporary contexts for print, 
social, cultural, artistic, intellectual property,
 local & international printmakers, acquiring knowledge, sourcing new information,
passing on traditional practices worth keeping enhances communal values

adaptation of processes to suit outcome or limitations, being inventive, 
exploration of digital and analogue processes plus combinations of these,
collaboration with businesses to show industry-relevance and commercial possibilities, 
interface with future advancements in print innovations & adaptations

Please feel free to add your own comments below,
or head over to our NZ Printmakers Facebook page to discuss further:
When & how did you first learn about Print? Why do you like it so much?
What is it about printmaking that is unique or interesting?
Why is printmaking still relevant? 
What other skills or benefits does printmaking offer?