Paul McLachlan, 16July-3Aug, Christchurch

You are invited to view the work Home Ground by Paul McLachlan,
opening tomorrow night at Chambers 241 in Christchurch.

Printmaker Paul McLachlan uses digital sculpting software 
to exquisitely remodel memorial sculptures of soldiers located throughout the South Island. 
Through these intimate portraits of young soldiers, rendered as photo-intaglio prints, 
he recaptures and revives stories of bravery, pride, nationalism and heritage.

Paul McLachlan, [image of work from 'Home Ground' exhibition]
photo-intaglio print

Paul McLachlan, [image of work from 'Home Ground' exhibition]
photo-intaglio print

With the centenary of WWI almost upon us, 
McLachlan’s exhibition, Home Ground, seems both vital and timely: 
stimulating a sense of national recognition 
and encouraging an awareness of the history that has shaped us. 
Home Ground is an innovative, affecting and sensitive exploration of the history of emotion 
and memorialisation in New Zealand and a beautiful evocation of memory come to life.