Squeegee Storage

If you love screenprinting, you probably have several squeegees.
Different sizes and with a variety of blade hardness, such as rubber or polyurethane.
So here's a little advice about storing them:

If you use them often, make sure they are easy to access.
Store them away from heat & sunlight as the blades may warp or harden over time.
Do NOT store them resting on the blade, or with blades leaning on anything,
this can cause the blade to loose it's shape, bend or indent.

Here are a few storage ideas I've collected that you may want to consider, 
depending on your workshop space:

Add hooks and hang from ceiling or below shelf,
even under table or bench.
Cheapest solution, suits most squeegee sizes.

Slotted between two wooden pegs
but if within arms-reach of your printing bench
this may be good for holding inky squeegees between prints?
(May work for short squeegees, not so good for long ones)

Sloping slats on inside of side of frame, squeegees slot in.
This could be either on the wall, under bench or free-standing.
Fairly easy to make yourself, but this only fits one size squeegee.

Easy to make yourself!
Wooden frame with pegs, fits all squeegee sizes.
This can be mounted on a wall or end of your bench,
 or flat on table or shelf with squeegees upright.

A solid back board with support slats slotted in.
Can be wall-mounted or with base to make free-standing.
Make it to suit any number of squeegees and any length.

A free-standing double-sided squeegee 'tree'
would work if you have limited wall space

Wall-mounted rack at AUT, marine plywood.
Cheap to make, would suit any width of squeegee
(always store with blades facing out to avoid indents)

A slightly more 'commercial' solution
formed from a piece of metal folded
(very durable & looks stylish)

Small metal bracket screwed to wall, tidy.
Great solution if you have friends in metal fabrication industry!
Or if you have 100's of squeegees...

Do you have any other tips or advice about storing squeegees?
Or got another squeegee storage idea to share with other printmakers?
Post a comment below and let us know about it!