Crossing Boundaries, 15June-3July, Auckland

Crossing Boundaries is a collaborative exhibition 
 will be shown at NorthArt from 16 June to 3 July.
that features 5 Australian artists and 5 New Zealand artists
who push the known boundaries of printmaking.

Included are works by NZ printmakers Jacqueline Aust, Kathy Boyle,
Lynne Taylor, Carole Shepheard and Kathryn Wightman.

"Printmaking has traditionally been considered a reproductive technique, 
a means by which the artist can produce multiple, identical two dimensional prints. 
The proposed exhibition will challenge this view of printmaking.   
Contemporary printmaking offers a wide range 
of opportunities and possibilities for creative expression. 
  New technology and the use of non- traditional materials 
allow the printmaker to explore areas previously considered to be 
the domain of the painter or sculptor.   
Printmaking has leapt out of the frame with the introduction of larger images, 
print installations, new technologies, three dimensional forms, and alternative supports." 

As part of the Crossing Boundaries exhibition, 
a drypoint etching workshop will take place in the gallery 
on Saturday 15 June 2013 from 11am-3pm.

 Jacqueline Aust and Kathy Boyle will provide the opportunity for gallery visitors 
to make a small original print using the simple, quick technique of drypoint etching.

Drypoint involves scratching a design into plastic using etching needles. 
The inscribed line holds the ink 
and the image is transferred to paper when passed through an etching press.  
The attraction of drypoint printmaking is its simplicity, 
no experience is needed and it is suitable for all ages, so come along and give it a go.

Northart, Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Shopping Centre, North Shore, Auckland.
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