Carole Shepheard Floor Talk, Crossing Boundaries, 30 June, Auckland

Dr Carole Shepheard is one of the artists participating in the Crossing Boundaries exhibition. 
She will give a floor talk at 2pm on Sunday 30 June 
at NorthArt gallery in Northcote, Auckland.

Carole Shepheard, Proof of Intent, 2013
Collograph on paper, embossing, flocking, gold leaf,
 pins, constructed 3D objects in glass dome

Carole is greatly knowledgeable about printmaking
and is also hugely passionate about it too!

I strongly encourage you to come along to meet other printmakers
and to join in the discussion about the role of print in contemporary art
and extending the 'boundaries' surrounding print practice.
Please spread the word!!!

Here are a few other works from the show:

Kathy Boyle, Botanical
Relief etching, screen print, pyrography,
encaustic wax on harakeke paper, kozo paper, wire, polythene tubing

Jacqueline Aust, Repeated Mark Totems, 2013
Mixed media

Lynn Taylor, Bowls
Coiled paper strips from Cunningham's Textbook of Anatomy,
mixed media, paper pills
Gary Shinfield (AU), Shards I
Mixed media

Janet Parker-Smith (AU), Burrowing, 2013
Copper plate, print