Print Exchange 2013, New York

The Print Exchange 2013 will feature 500 Printmakers from around the world.
When I looked today, there were still about 100 entries still available.
so thought I'd post it here in case any of you were interested. 

It is being run by Art House Co-op in Brooklyn (the same people who run the Sketchbook Project).
They want 500 printmakers to become a part of a massive exchange of printed matter 
that will reach across the globe!

"The Drive Home..." is the theme of this swap.
Artists will interpret the theme by making an edition of 12 prints to submit to the exchange. 
Participants will create editions of 12 from a single plate;
 screen, stone, wood-block, or whatever method chosen!
In return, they’ll be mailed a bundle of 10 prints to call their own from artists near and far. 
Costs US$50

For more information, check out their website: