Ben Reid, 27Feb-30Mar, Wellington

Solander Gallery in Wellington are preparing for the latest exhibition 
by printmaker Ben Reid, called "I can see for miles and miles ..."

The opening event is on Wednesday 27 February from 5.30-7pm

Visiting the Campbell Islands in 2011, Ben was provided with an opportunity to see 
a landscape in which the last vestiges of farming and settlement had been removed, 
virtually returning it to its original pre-Eurpoean state. 

Inspired by this experience and the writings of Aldo Leopold (1887-1948), 
Ben's work strives to expand our idea of conservation to a broader concept of land ethic 
where 'conservation is a state of harmony between men and land'.

Ben Reid, Snipe Dog
intaglio and relief print with Chine-collé, 33x49cm