Nic Goodwolf & Annie Sandano, 1-29Nov, Wellington

Solander Gallery in Wellington have just opened a new exhibition
with works by Nic Goodwolf and Annie Smits Sandano.

Nic Goodwolf, Halfway Home, 2012
Multi-plate etching, 50x116cm, edition of 16.

Nic Goodwolf's exhibition of large colourful etchings in ‘Drifting Sideways’ 
 examines mankind’s desire to move, to drift, to reach distant shores and lands; 
to follow the human desire to uncover 
and to feel that our eyes crave to spy something new, something unknown. 
Nic ventures into this visual journey through the playful wanderings of his engraver tool. 
Plates get marked, scratched, painted upon as they begin to uncover objects on their surface 
such as caravans, planes, boats, hot air balloons, writing, numbers, lines and horizon lines. 

"I enjoy the process of drawing with tools and observe the process of continual change, 
of things in a constant state of flux or continual growth in my works. 
Plates are printed in different combinations with a playful desire to create editions, 
which differ from each other in colour, pastel markings and tone." 

Annie Smits Sandano, Black Cat, 2012
Woodcut, 70x50cm, edition of 50.

Annie Smits Sandano's 'Menagerie' explores a narrative of contemporary folklore 
populated by a family of quirky creatures in a whimsical collection 
of whales, cats, birds and crabs amongst other creatures. 
With strong referencing to traditional Japanese woodcut prints 
and the history of decorative arts, 
Annie’s work creates a bridge between the tradition of woodblock printmaking 
and a modern, graphically aware context.

Annie Smits Sandano, Aquarium, 2012
Woodcut assemblage with gold and silver leaf, 84x113cm

The exhibition finishes on 29 November
Solander Works on Paper, 218 Willis St. Wellington