Kamelia Purwo, ends 14Oct, Auckland

Cute critters inhabit a naturalistic environment in Kamelia Purwo's new series
 collectively titled Bright Eyes, Bushy Tails at Letham Gallery in Ponsonby, Auckland.
The exhibition finishes on 14 October, so get in to see it while you still can.

Children and their larger than life imaginations and curiousity are what inspire Purwo.
Her art works often portray children with an animal sidekick.
Every child needs a partner in crime, and when friends aren’t available,
who better to turn to than Paul the Octopus, Penny the Penguin, or Phil the Seal.
She has focussed on the animals she has because they are fascinating to her,
but it is also to raise awareness of the staggering amount of waste that goes into our oceans each year,
and the destruction of land animals' natural habitats.
She hopes that by painting animals out of their natural context and juxtaposing them with children,
people will view them as a bit cuddlier, and perhaps be more inclined to protect them.

Kamelia Purwo, Sweet Nothings, 2012
Woodcut, 35x50cm, edition of 25
Born in Jakarta and migrating to New Zealand aged seven,
Purwo graduated with a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts (in History)
from the University of Otago in 2008, enjoying the mental challenge that law offers,
but using painting and printmaking as her retreats.
 She’s happiest with a paintbrush or woodcutting knife in her hand.
Her unique treatment of the painting surface and perfectly balanced palette
have seen Purwo boom in popularity since her debut with Letham Gallery in 2011.

See Letham Gallery's website for more information.