Adana 8x5 Letterpress for Sale

Just in case any of you were interested,
there is an Adana letterpress for sale on TradeMe.
**The online auction closes on Sunday 6 May**
Click here to go to the TradeMe auction if you are interested in bidding.

Adana letterpress tabletop printing machine 8x5"
Comes with 2 cabinets of metal type, plus necessary work chase, lay guage, rollers, spacers, etc.
And also includes the original Adana Beginners Guide to Design in Printing.

This is a lovely little tabletop printer, collection preferred from Red Beach, Hibiscus Coast
or you can arrange a courier, but it is heavy.

• Chase inside dimensions 8x5 inches (203mmx127mm)
• There is no limit to the size of paper that can be printed
• Two composition inking rollers (supplied)
• Adjustable double grippers with varying length fingers
• Fully adjustable lay-gauge
• Impression controlled by standard printers’ 4-screw method.
• Weight complete: 33 lb. (15.19 kg.).
• Overall size: 23x13x19 inches (584x330x483mm)