Rockers and Rollers, til 26 Feb, UpperHutt

Rockers and Rollers is an exhibition of prints from the collection 
of Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art and History and the Rutherford Trust Collection.

Rockers and Rollers is a snapshot of printmaking 
during the 10-year existence of the New Zealand Print Council 1967-1977, 
and features work by Stanley Palmer, Marilynn Webb, Pat Hanly, Gary Tricker, 
Jeffery Harris, John Drawbridge, Gordon Walters, Barry Cleavin, Kate Coolahan, 
Stephen Allwood, Penny Ormerod, Robin White, Mervyn Williams, 
Don Ramage, Roy Cowan, E. Mervyn Taylor, Stuart Maclennan and Barry Cleavin.

Don Ramage, Tubular No3, 1971

The New Zealand Print Council was set up 
to counter the perceived marginalisation of printmaking as an art form, 
which it did by promoting and raising the profile of printmakers 
through touring exhibitions, workshops and lectures.

From 1972 the Print Council was based at the Wairarapa Arts Centre,
and when the council went into recess in 1977 the prints were donated to the gallery.

For printmaking enthusiasts or those who want to learn more about the art 
there will be a free demonstration at 2pm on Sunday 19 February, 
with Vincent Drane, co-director of Solander Works on Paper Gallery in Wellington.