Catherine Macdonald, 4Feb-10March, Wellington

An exhibition of new new prints and drawings by Catherine Macdonald
will be shown at Solander Gallery in Wellington from 4 February to 10 March.
There will be an opening event at 2-4pm on Saturday 4 February.

The phrase “a time and place” has a couple of meanings, 
first there is the literal, where it refers to a particular moment in time and a specific place, 
then, there is when it is used with the suffix of “for it” 
generally inferring that this is not the time and place 
for what ever activity has been taking place.

With this series of works I’m looking at what is happening around me 
and trying to record it in its time and place 
and questioning the appropriateness of the event in its context. 
We can’t always choose when or where things will happen. 
We often just have to make the best of the situations we find ourselves in.