Drypoint Workshop, 9-11 Jan, Auckland

University of Auckland is offering a 3-day drypoint summer workshop
called Discover Drypoint: Exquisite Scratches, Magic Traces
3 days, 9-11 January 2012, 9.30am-4.30pm
tutored by Tracey Williams, cost $321
Register by Friday 11 November to receive an earlybird discount.

Drypoint belongs to the Intaglio family of print techniques 
where an image is incised into a surface, 
which is then inked and transferred onto paper through a press, 
producing exquisite velvety images.

The course will present an overview of the historical and contemporary use 
and thinking surrounding print, including studies of individual artists. 
Students will take part in a series of intense and structured skill-based sessions. 
Through one-on-one guidance and group conversations they will be encouraged 
to produce a small collection of prints based on original ideas.