Print Handbook for Designers

This little handbook is crammed with stuff which will be very helpful, 
especially if you're into designing anything to go to a commercial printer.
Their goal is to help you see if your ideas will translate well when printed,
as well as show some print possibilities you may not have considered before.

Hopefully, it will cut down on the guesswork that happens
when your job goes from screen to print.

The handbook is printed with 4 process colours, plus one Pantone spot colour.
It includes four different types of paper (uncoated, silk, gloss and the cover)
and has a one colour gate folded cover with a foil.

Check out all these sections inside the Print Handbook
Over printing examples, Golden ratio info, Paper sizes table, 
Colours on different paper stocks, Line weight examples 
Dots per inch examples, Black examples, Skin tone values 
Colour charts, Glyphs, Point sizes examples, Tints and text examples 
Monotone, duotone & tritone examples, File type examples 
Folds diagrams, Trapping examples, Typefaces, Conversion table 
Colour tints & legibility, How the handbook was printed, How it was designed

It could be a very useful resource, I might get one or two for myself...
For more information, and some other handy tips, see their website: