3D Printing Exhibition, Amsterdam

I was reading about this exhibition of '3D printing'
and thought I'd see what you think:

Materia Goes 3D Printing is on from 8 September 2011 – 18 January 2012,
at the Materia Inspiration Center, Amsterdam. 
See their website: http://www.materia-ic.nl/

"This exhibition is presenting a rather complete overview of what is today’s 3D printing.
This is showcasing the main techniques which have been developed those last years:
rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, rapid tooling, 
3D printing, stereolithography, and laser sintering.

For each technique: an explanation, a scheme, and some samples and results.
Some techniques even have the actual machine presented.

The PolyJet Matrix technique presented by the firm Objet 
also shows off some pretty convincing results: 
different colors, different transparency and different softness of material available.
And everything, of course, printed in one single object, at once.

If we can print different 'softness/transparency/color' as one single material,
let’s create a material that is soft where it should be soft and stiff where it should be stiff.
If we can print closed shapes, 
let’s print a waterproof and dustproof engine which would never stop working.
If we can print bigger structures everytime, 
let’s scale it up and print directly upholstered buildings."

I'm curious to know if you think it is a 'print'???
 I'm undecided.
Has any of you ever tried 3D printing? Email me.

It makes me wonder if there are ways it could be used
to make digitally-formed relief plates to use with traditional printmaking?