Review of Collateral Exhibition

A few weeks ago I was reading a review of the printmaking exhibition
Collateral: Printmaking as Social Commentary
that was on show in Auckland last month,
featuring two NZ printmakers, Michael Reed & Sandra Thomson.

Sandra Thomson, Collar For A Bride of Christ, 2003
Screenprint on fabric

The review discusses the exhibition (click here to read the review)
but the thing that caught my attention was the opening paragraph:

"Printmaking is one those activities that often gets unnoticed
in an artworld usually preoccupied with more spectacular
or fashionable varieties of image making,
prints generally being considered more craft than art
and somewhat bookish in the fusty, not cerebral, sense.
Things may be changing..."

What do you think about this???


Susanne Khouri said…
Yes, I agree, this comment of John Hurrell seems to be misguided and ignorant. But he has used it to create a counterpoint to what he has to say later, I guess. An alltogether positive comment about the artists in the show and the curator.