Retrotech, Ted Dutch, 13-25 Sept, Auckland

Retrotech exhibition of works by Ted Dutch, is on now until 25 September 
at Sanderson Gallery in Parnell, Auckland.

Retrotech examines the presence of technology in Ted Dutch’s oeuvre; 
his fascination with objects, devices and machinery 
evident in his highly stylised, colourful and humorous responses 
to the anxieties of the twentieth century. 

Ted Dutch, Flying Machine V1975
Screenprint, 77x52cm

Although Dutch’s style varied throughout his career, 
his aesthetic and conceptual interest in technology recurred consistently throughout. 
The world of Ted Dutch is often populated by broken machinery, 
impossible monuments, flying machines, industrial activity and busy-ness.

Ted Dutch, Spaceman II, 1986
Screenprint, 44x56cm

The structure of these works have emerged 
from some of the artist’s earliest defining experiences, primarily those at the age of 12 
when sketching the structural innards of bombed London during the Blitz. 
However, the prevalence of technology throughout Dutch’s work 
can only have arisen from the artist’s lifelong fascination with things that tick, whirr and buzz.

Ted Dutch, Projectionist, 2007
Screenprint, 53x30cm

The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to gain an insight into Dutch's works; 
one of the most significant and distinctive aspects of his multi-layered artistic practice.


Susanne Khouri said…
This is a beautiful show, especially for a modern screenprinter like myself. The skill of Ted Dutch's prints is astonishing. I was privileged to meet his wife who gave me and the others at the opening a personal insight into his methods and thoughts. These screenprints are a very important milestone and touch stone for printmaking in NZ. In many ways he reminded me of the ceramic artist Frank Karpay, also of the same era. I believe they knew each other too.