The Magic of Printmaking

Someone referred me to a blog post from a few weeks ago
by Rebecca Ogle at Christchurch Art Gallery,
the post is titled The Magic of Printmaking:

"In these interesting times, Gallery staff are finding themselves
turning their hand to a variety of tasks,
sometimes a far call from their usual responsibilities when the Gallery is open to the public.

On occasion, I have been assisting educator Susie Cox
with her school outreach lessons which involve printmaking – my BFA major.

Helping Susie has reminded me why I first got hooked on printmaking as a medium.
I think there's a little bit of magic in printing an image
that is quite different from drawing or painting straight onto paper or canvas.
It's something in the way a print starts as a plate, is inked up then transferred to paper –
there's always an element of surprise in that final moment of the process.
At Wairakei School this week, it was fantastic to see
the excitement and wonder on the school kids' faces
when the silk screen was lifted and the paper peeled back to reveal the image.
That's what art should be."

Do you remember the first time you encountered the 'magic' of printmaking???
What was it that intrigued you about the process? Tell us about it.
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