ASP Gallery Launch, 23 Sept, Wellington

Artisan Screen Printers is launching a new screenprinting gallery & workshop
at 100 Shelly Bay Road, Miramar Peninsula, Wellington
at 5pm on Friday 23 September.
So if you live near Wellington, I suggest you go check it out!

ASP melds screenprinting 21st century tools and a planet friendly ethos.
They use their own Workshy range of shirts ensuring ethical and artistic integrity.
They use the latest computer technology to get the best results from your art 
and the latest ink technology to achieve vibrant, visually striking results 
that are as eco-friendly as humanly possible.

ASP have printed for MySpace New Zealand
fine artists such as Matt Moriarty and Tony Rush
bands including The Hives, Throwing Muses, Camp a Low Hum 
and their own series of fine art prints.

Matt Moriarty, NZAK (New Zealand Army Knife), 2007
Screenprint, 70x50cm, edition of 100.

ASP recently blogged about being 'green', saying:
"I turned the carpentry workshop at the Shelly Bay Air Force Base 
into a screen printing studio and gallery.
I have turned an old work bench into my washout station, 
an old knackered tunnel dryer has been transformed into a flash cure...
 I have been printing today using a fifty year old vacuum cleaner,
even my signs were screen printed on the back of old Caltex signs 
I found lying about when I moved in.

Anyway please come by the Gallery Launch next Friday 23 Sept
 to check out how I have recycled an almost abandoned building 
into Wellington's newest Gallery"