Opportunities for Print Student from USA in July-Aug 2012?

Recently I had an email from Rachel Singel, 
an American printmaking student in her 2nd year at the University of Iowa. 
Her artwork is inspired by the landscape 
and she would love to see New Zealand's incredible scenery firsthand,
so has started planning to come to NZ about 15 July - 15 August 2012.

She would really love to come and stay with / work with another printmaker, if at all possible,
to meet some NZ printmakers, and to assist with any work at all while she is here.

An artwork by Rachel Singel (USA)

I was wondering if you NZ Printmakers knew of any opportunities or workshops
that Rachel could collaborate with during her time here in NZ next year???
Or if anyone would like to host Rachel for a few days, please click here to email her. 
Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!