Visit to Jerusalem Print Workshop

 A week or so ago, when I was in the Middle East, I visit the Jerusalem Print Workshop.
It is a very well-equipped facility (I wish my workshop was that organised),
and the gallery is a spacious network of rooms you can wander through at leisure,
with a very interesting variety of prints of diverse colours, textures and imagery.

I enjoyed my visit there and thought I'd share a few pictures that were exhibited at that time:

Works by Dov Heller, from the exhibiton Tel Gamma
Etchings & aquatints

Dov Heller, Primavara VIII, 2002
Screenprint, 28x38cm, edition of 35

Yaacov Dorchen, Window with Tears, 2005
Etching with angle-grinder

Uriel Miron, J-M, 2006
Etching and soft ground

You can also check out some other print artists they represent here on their website.


Lynn Taylor said…
Nice! Stimulating images.