Simon Kaan, Kim Lowe and Karen Stevens Exhibition

New works by artists Simon Kaan, Kim Lowe and Karen Stevens 
will be exhibited at Solander Gallery in Wellington from 29 July - 3 September.
The opening event is on this Friday 29 July from 5.30-7pm. 

Simon Kaan, Untitled, 2011
Intaglio Woodcut, 100x72cm

Simon Kaan draws on his Maori and Chinese background 
in large scale intaglio woodcut works of serene beauty. 
Characteristic icons of the waka, moth, 
tree and water infuse these works with symbolism.

Kim Lowe draws on her Chinese heritage with an exploration of Whakapapa, 
mixed race identity and the binary ambiguities of Taoist yin and yang 
in relief works of stylized oriental patterns.
Karen Stevens, Waitarere #2, 2011
Woodcut, 60x42cm

Karen Stevens finds inspiration for this new body of dramatic woodcuts in the simple forms of seedpods. 
Karen is seduced by their tactile beauty, 
intricacy and the circumstances of their chance discovery. 
“Each seed pod is a reminder of the location I found it in, and the journey I took to get there.”

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