People of Print Website

I was just reading about a UK-based website called People of Print,
 established in May 2008 by Marcroy Smith,
originally created as a library of printmakers and designers with a sole purpose to 'inspire'
...and we can always do with a little extra inspiration occasionally.

Working alongside many creative designers and developers, 
People of Print is going to move forward as a platform for 
"emerging and talented printmakers from across the globe" 
to exhibit and sell their work both online and at shows.

They aim to work collaboratively with anyone they can, 
including solo artists, studios, shops, agencies and collectives 
in order to develop a global community in the world of print.

Which is why I thought it might be worthy of a quick mention here,
as I know you all love seeing what's new with print and design.
Perhaps you may like to be part of the 'global community',
go check it out...