Proudly Kiwi!!!

This website has very strong support and participation
from NZ printmakers across the whole of Aotearoa,
but I was surprised when I read the latest statistics for this blog:
Over 60% of the views were from outside NZ!

I'm excited that so many people from around the world
are enjoying the work of NZ Printmakers!
I'm so glad that you international readers are able to be inspired
and participate in the print community here through the internet.
Gordon Walters, Kapiti, 1984
Screenprint on paper

And I also wanted to say that I'm very proud of you kiwi printmakers!
There is such a great variety of styles and viewpoints expressed in your prints,
along with your innovative use of processes ('good old kiwi ingenuity'),
and your understated sensitivity to culture and identity with our beautiful land.

Although not often in the spotlight, printmaking continues to thrive here in NZ.
Post your comments below and tell me your favourite NZ-made prints & printmakers
and I'll try to feature them on the website in the coming months...


struan_h said…
I think you should get some thanks, the site is fantastic and there's always some interesting stuff to read and look at!
NZ Printmakers said…
Awww, thanks Struan :) It's great that you are now a printmaker in NZ, as we get to benefit from all your international experience. We really enjoy having you as part of our print community.
I look forward to finding many more interesting NZ print projects and artists to write about, so make sure you printmakers keep me informed...