Pakiwhaitara – Stories to Tell, on til 17 June

I was just reading about this exhibition called
Pakiwhaitara – Stories to Tell on now at Ramp Gallery in the Waikato until 17 June.
It sounds quite like an interesting idea so thought I'd share:

For this print portfolio 20 artists, from Australia, Mexico and New Zealand,
have combined to contribute their interpretation of a myth or legend
that has a personal resonance for them, based on fact or fiction, past or present.
The resulting imagery and stories reflect a diversity of cultural backgrounds,
Maori, Pakeha, Zenadh Kes, Tongan, Chinese and Mexican.
The images also present a range of attitudes,
from respectful to provocative reappraisals of past and present stories and issues.

The artists are: Anna Dalzell, Simon Edwards, Te Maari Gardiner-Ngata, Victor Hernandez,
Ben Hodges, Kim Lowe, Euan Macleod, Kulimoeanga Maka, Riki Manuel, Arturo Meade,
Xavier Meade, Elizabeth Moyle, Hannah Page, Samuel Reed, Michael Reed, Glen Stringer,
Dylan Taylor, Kiri Te Wake, Sandra Thomson and Wayne Youle.
A few artworks from the show
Pakiwhaitara – Stories to Tell, 2011

This project was initiated by Michael Reed and supported by
the School of Art & Design at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.
Special thanks to all the artists, along with Michael Kempson, Sydney,
Paloma Ramos and Theo Tremblay, Cairns, writer Dorothee Pauli,
designer Samuel Reed and editorial advisor Belinda Gregg for their generous input and support.