Wallace Arts Trust Award 2011

The James Wallace Arts Trust Award 2011
are given for contemporary NZ painting, sculpture, drawing, video and unique photography,
with the aim of encouraging the visual arts in New Zealand  
and to reward those producing outstanding work with residencies and educational grants.
With approx $165,000 in prizes up for grabs, with 8 awards, it is definitely worth a look...
Applications close 11 August 2011.

The Wallace Arts Trust Entry Form states the following criteria:

Entrants must be New Zealand Citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand.
Applicants may submit one entry only in the Wallace Art Awards.
Entries are invited from the disciplines of painting,
unique photography (digital and traditional), mixed media, drawing,
video (submitted on DVD) and sculpture in different media including assemblages.
Specifically excluded are performance, sound
and other new media art works (ie digital prints).
The Applicant must guarantee the work is a one-off original and not of an edition,
and that it was executed by the Applicant in the 12-month period prior to 11th August 2011.
Entries must not have been exhibited in a public exhibition. 
(see the website for more details)

Emma McLellan, Chimera Series XII
Screenprint & paint on panel, 20x20cm
Although they specifically 'exclude' anything that could be editioned,
many of you printmakers are making 'unique' prints that are not editioned,
and/or working with 'mixed media' and assemblage.

I know of printmakers who have previously been accepted
for the Wallace Arts Trust Awards with print works,
so don't be deterred by it's criteria omitting to mention printmaking -
I encourage you to consider entering your 'unique prints'!