Threadless for Teachers

If you are a teacher of Art or Design, then you may be interested in this:
(Ok, this is my last post about Threadless for today, I promise!) 

 Threadless 101 is a curriculum to teach design and critique in a fun way.
Students create and submit t-shirt designs then vote on their favourites.
They learn about applying principles of art and design
such as line, shape, colour, analysis, etc while learning Photoshop or Illustrator skills.
You can even opt to open it to critique by other designers & artists on the site.
The best designs can even win a prize!

If you're interested, see more info here about Threadless 101 Class Project

Perhaps if we have a bunch of classes participating
we could possibly aim to exhibit them together sometime next year???
Let me know what you think of that, or if you have a class who may want to participate.