Screenprint, Threadless = 'Art on T-Shirts'

This week we start teaching our students
how to turn the concept of stencils into screenprints.

The most immediate way for them to understand
how practical and immediate the process is
is to go around the room and see how many of them
are wearing items of clothing that are screenprinted.

I recently watched a short documentary (only 12 minutes long)
about US company Threadless who screenprint 'art on t-shirts'.
Now global, and printing thousands of artists' designs,
it's a great way to take print to the masses!

Check it out the video here:
Threadless T-Shirt Documentary - Watch it here!
I liked that it had a few snippets of them printing screens in the factory too.

Threadless T-shirt, Not So Happy, designed by Lora Zombie

Threadless have a unique process - 1000s of designers submit designs,
the public vote on which ones they like, then the best ones are printed.

If you love to wear funky t-shirt designs,
want to submit some designs, or vote on them,
then be a part of the action at the Threadless website