Glenn Jones

Further to yesterday's post about the Threadless t-shirt company,
Threadless has put out a new book this month to celebrate it 10th anniversary.

One of the successful designers from the early years of Threadless 
is a New Zealander, Glenn Jones, and there is a bit about him in the book...
even better is that the section of the book about him is available online!!!

Read about how Threadless was started in 2000 by a bunch of friends in college,
and about how Glenn became a t-shirt designer:

Slinky Heaven, t-shirt design by Glenn Jones

Glenn now has his own US-based store, but continues to design from NZ!
Check out Glenn's website for more info about Glenn and his company.

To see more of the clever screenprinted t-shirt designs at
(He is also on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr)