Non-Toxic Printmaking Book

Printmakers are becoming more enthusiastic about using non-toxic material and processes.
Many of you will be aware that NZer Mark Graver has written a book on this topic:

Here's the blurb:
"In this book, Mark Graver puts the case for non-toxic printmaking
and then discusses the various technical factors (both materials and equipment)
to consider when etching with acrylic resists, making aquatints, etching in general,
using drypoint, engraving, making mezzotints and collagraphs
and using photopolymers as well as combining various printmaking techniques.
There is also information on various inks and health and safety measures in the printing workshop.
All in all, this book contains everything you need to know to clean up your printmaking practice."

The release date is 18 January 2011, but you can place orders now

I'd also love your comments about how important you think health & safety is in printmaking.
Are you concerned about toxicity of materials?
Is it a consideration when choosing processes?
Are you interested in finding safer alternatives to traditional materials?

If you have any good websites or books to recommend, please comment below.