Fatu Feu'u

I got to have a quick chat with Fatu Feu'u this week.
Although he mostly does paintings these day,
he is currently proofing a new series of woodcuts.

He has just been back to Samoa for a short time.
Many communities are still recovering from last year's tsunami.
Fatu's work is his expression of histories, myths, stories,
songs, traditions and political events pertaining to Samoa,
so it is only natural that this major event has had a big impact on him.

Here's an image from last year, containing many recognisable
motifs and symbols, and in Fatu's unique style.
Mata Sogia (Embracing Eyes) is about how the spirit of a person
speaks through their eyes.

Fatu Feu'u, Mata Sogia (Embracing Eyes), 2009
Serigraph (screenprint), edition of 45, 695x1000mm.
People often forget how much hard work goes onto printmaking:
the making of plates, proofing, re-cutting, multiple plates and colours,
more printing, then the editioning...
Fatu's prints can be up to 1m, in 4-5 colours, in editions of 50,
as most of you printmakers will appreciate, that is quite a workout!!!

I'll hopefully have an update for you once the edition is completed.
But in the meantime it is so nice to see Fatu making more prints!