1st International Mokuhanga Conference (Japan), 7-12 June 2011

I was just reading about the 1st International Mokuhanga Conference
which will be held in Japan 7-12 June 2011.

I hear you say "what is mokuhanga?"
It is the traditional name for the ancient art of Japanese woodblock printing!

The conference aims to generate
"excellent results and research in preserving and renovating mokuhanga traditions.
The conference will gather professional print artists, art educators and scholars
in the field of woodblock printmaking to exchange
current research information and experiences with Japanese traditional craftsmen,
printmakers and print related art suppliers and toolmakers."

For information about the conference, here is the website:

An example of mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock print)
Andy Farkas, River, 2009
8-block watercolor woodcut, 7x13 inches.

Along with the conference there is also a juried woodblock print exhibition,
and it is open to international artists.
All prints made in the waterbased mokuhanga tradition
or with contemporary materials that reflect mokuhanga principles have priority.
Also accepted are woodcuts with mixed techniques that carry some Japanese influence.
Deadline for application is 18 December 2010.

For more information about submitting something for the exhibition
see this website: Mokuhanga Exhibition Website