Suggested Reading List

I started this reading list as a place printmakers can find articles and books
which will hopefully benefit both our knowledge and practice in the year ahead.
These reading list suggestions have been provided
by some of the best printmakers and print educators in New Zealand,
though I'm open to additional suggestions from printmakers,
so feel free to email me details of your recommendations....


Printmaking Today – Quarterly magazine (UK based)
Imprint, Australian Print Quarterly magazine
Art in Print (print and online)
Grabado y Edicion (Spanish and English print and online)


Graver, Mark (2011). Non-Toxic Printmaking, London, A&C Black.

Adam, Robert and Robertson, Carol (2008) Intaglio - The Complete Safety-First System for Creative Printmaking Acrylic-Resist Etching, Collagraphy, Engraving, Drypoint, Mezzotint, London, Thames and Hudson.

Boegh, Henrik (2003). Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio, Copenhagen, Grafisk Experimentarium.

Saunders, Gill, Miles, Rosie (2006) Prints Now: Directions and Definitions, London, V&A

Noyce, Richard (2006), Printmaking at the Edge, London, A&C Black.

Noyce, Richard (2010), Critical Mass, Printmaking Beyond the Edge, London, A&C Black.

Noyce, Richard (2014). Printmaking off the Beaten Track,  London, A&C Black.

Coldwell, Paul (2010). Printmaking: A Contemporary Practice, London, Black Dog Publishing

Christophe Cherix (2012), Print/Out: 20 Years in Print, MOMA Exhibition Catalogue

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